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        Stamford Library and Boots Opticians

        Author: Bluecoat Stamford

          On Friday 21st September, Year 4 set off on their visit to the Stamford Library and Boots Opticians.  We were excited to leave school because this was our first visit of the year. Our Creative Curriculum topic so far has been The Light Fantastic and Year 4 have learnt all about:
        • How we see.
        • How and why shadows are formed.
        • How to protect our eyes in the sun.
        The final piece of work was to understand how to keep our eyes healthy therefore this was the reason for our visit to the opticians.

        What did we discover at Boots Opticians?

        Eagerly, we entered the opticians on Stamford High Street, unsure as to what we were going to discover but our guide Helen did not disappoint.  Our visit consisted of:
        • A tour of the optician’s examination room
        • An explanation about how an optician examines your eyes.
        • An interactive session which allowed the children to hold glasses and contact lenses.  We thought the contact lenses felt rubbery, squishy, wet and sticky!

        • We found out that in order to keep our eyes healthy, the most important thing we can do is to have a good diet by eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as protecting our eyes against UV light.
        • We were shown different types of protective eye wear depending on the activity we were doing and we didn’t realise that you can even have prescription swimming goggles!
        • Then we were taken into another examination room where we looked at a photograph of the inside of an eye and could clearly see the pupil and lens which were bright orange in colour!


        It was a fascinating visit and everyone learnt so much about what an optician does and how to protect and keep our eyes healthy.

        Stamford Library.

        Afterwards, we took the opportunity to visit the Stamford Library to browse and read books all about our next topic – Journey Into The Unknown.  The children enjoyed reading all about rainforests and deserts and there were lots of discussions going on.  In particular the children were fascinated that animals can camouflage themselves to avoid being eaten!

        We found out:

        • Where rainforests are located.
        • The type of animals that live there.
        • That rainforests are humid.
        • How a desert is in stark contrast to a rainforest.
        We are really looking forward to discovering more about this incredible topic in the weeks to come!  

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