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        Welcome to our School Library

        Our fantastic library facility opened in June 2013. It was partly funded due to a generous and significant donation from the Stamford Burghley Rotary Club. The modern, and well stocked library is a wonderful learning resource for our pupils. The children love to use the library; they are excited and motivated by the wide range of books available for them to read for enjoyment and to support their learning. The library also has up to date technology enabling pupils to develop their research skills to support their learning across the curriculum. We audit and invest in new books annually to ensure they have access to recent and current authors and also subscribe to “First News” to encourage an understanding and appreciation of current affairs. In addition to supporting us with fundraising, some members of the Stamford Burghley Rotary club have also become very welcome ‘friends’ of our school and come in regularly to read to and with our pupils, which the children greatly enjoy. Classes of children visit the library each week and may borrow both fiction and non-fiction books. 


        My daughter enjoys attending nursery.  They do amazing work and she is having the best start to the beginning of her education journey.  A very big thank you to each and everyone of you for everything you are truly amazing.