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        Sports Premium

        What is the Sports Premium

        The Government is providing funding of £150 million per annum for academic year 2015/16 to provide substantial primary school sport funding’. This funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport.

        When asked about the ‘Sport Premium’ at its launch, Lord Coe reflected: ‘When I stood up in Singapore in 2005, I spoke of London’s vision to connect young people with the inspirational power of the Games so they are inspired to choose sport. By focussing on primary schools, we have the opportunity to use sport and physical activity to shape the daily lives of young people. I know from my own experience what an impact teachers and their engagement can have on the lives of young people.’  (Lord Coe)

        More information can be found on the Department for Education website.

        Purpose of funding

        Schools can only spend the sport funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they have the freedom to choose how they do this.

        Impact Report 2017/18

        Sport Premium at the Bluecoat School

        It is anticipated we will receive £17,228 for the academic year 2017/18

        The Governors have approved spending plans that will ensure that:

        • all children benefit regardless of sporting ability
        • the most able children are given the opportunity to develop their talents and compete in advanced tournaments
        • staff have access to high quality training opportunities and professional development
        • swimming is subsidised in order to support access by all pupils
        • the amount of competitive sport that children participate in is increased
        • children will be encouraged to develop their leadership skills through sport
        • links are made for the children with sports clubs and opportunities within their local community
        • additional sporting actviities are provided through our curriculum and outside of the curriuclum

        This year, the Sports Premium will be used in the following ways:

        • The appointment of specialist PE teachers and coaches to work across all year groups in school in delivering high quality PE provision. The specialist staff are working in coaching roles with our teachers and other members of school staff to develop their skills and capacity to deliver an effective PE curriculum.
        • Our specialist coaches are also delivering additional sporting provision after school including multi-skills netball, multi-skills and athletics
        • The provision of additional sporting opportunities including outdoor adventure activities, fencing and running
        • A contribution towards the cost of a sports Co-ordinator who organises the interschool competition that take place between the Stamford Cluster of Schools.

        In addition, a percentage of the Sports Premium has been invested in our membership of Inspire+, a charitable organisation, whose primary aim is working together with young people to increase their participation and success in sport

        Our membership of Inspire+ provides:

        • High quality professional development for staff
        • Access to training in a range of sports including gymnastics, football, athletics, orienteering and multiskills.
        • Young Ambassadors and Playground Leaders  The YA programme is designed to put children at the heart of PE in the school. The bronze YA will be involved in launching PE initiatives and representing the voice of the pupils in PE matters. As well as giving them a sense of responsibility and well-being it will also set them off on a path that can lead to Young Leaders awards in Secondary Education.
        • Inspire+ legacy Challenge. Launched in 2012 with the support of Lord Coe, pupils from South Kesteven embark on a series of challenges created to realise the London 2012 pledge of ‘inspiring a generation’. The Legacy Challenge is designed to encourage our young people to be inspired towards a lifetime of sport, culture and healthy living.
        • Provision for gifted and talented children
        • Other initiatives including a mini Olympics event, a legacy tour, a Golden Mile challenge and a 100m world record attempt
        • Visits from inspirational athletes and adventurers.
        • The opportunity to take part in disability sports.

        More information about Inspire+ can be found on their website.

        The Bluecoat School is committed to promoting the health and physical well-being of all of our pupils and to providing them with access to a wide range of quality sports tuition and opportunities. Our pupils are already motivated by the improvement in their PE curriculum and by the exciting new opportunities that Sports Premium is providing for them.

        Please read the full report below detailing the positive impact that Sports Premium has had on our pupils during the academic year 2016 – 2017.

        Impact Report 2016-17



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