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        Before & After School Club

        At Bluecoat School we offer before and after school care provided by members of the school team.
        Before and after school provision is a relaxed start and or end to the school day with activities to entertain and plenty of relaxing time as well.

        Before school club runs from 7.30 until the start of school and after school club from 3.15-6.00

        Before school club provides the children with a healthy breakfast and those attending after school club have fruit, drinks and a snack tea available for them.

        Miss HudsonMiss PierpointMiss Richardson

        For further details including costs please contact the school.


        My daughter enjoys attending nursery.  They do amazing work and she is having the best start to the beginning of her education journey.  A very big thank you to each and everyone of you for everything you are truly amazing.