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        Hurry hurry, drive the fire truck!

        Author: Bluecoat Stamford

        The Nursery children have had so much fun learning all about firefighters, fire engines and fire safety!


        To develop our fine motor skills, we used water hoses to put out all the fires in the sand tray. We were so careful and had great aim! In fire sand we also used mark making tools and our hands to create shapes and patterns.      

          Firefighters have to be able to climb ladders, stairs and go down the fire pole. We have been practicing our climbing skills by going up the ladders and steps on the climbing frame, and going down the pole. Inside nursery we also went up the ladder on our fire truck, we had to be super careful and concentrate so we could balance.         


        For developing our number recognition and counting skills we played the firefighter ladder game. We had to roll the dice, count/recognise what number we had and climb up our ladders until we reached the top. The game taught us to take turns and we also helped our friends if they needed it. After that we were able to be the firefighters ourselves and jump up the ladder! With the shapes we made fire engines. We carefully chose appropriate shapes for the wheels, ladders and windows.        

        Role play.

        The role play area was a fire station! We had our own fire truck, hoses and dressing up costumes so we could be Firefighters. We had so much fun putting out the fires we found in nursery. In the conservatory we used our imaginations, and used the small world trucks to help rescue people from fires! (And cats from trees).


          Every firefighter needs a hat! Using paper plates we created our own fire hats, to protect our heads from the fire and falling buildings. We used the forks to create awesome fire pictures using red and yellow paint, we soon discovered that it makes orange!          


          How lucky are we! Two firefighters from Stamford fire station came to visit and speak to us about fire safety in our homes, we then got to have a look at the fire engine. We were able to sit inside, look at the equipment and have photos. We even counted that they had 3 ladders on top of their fire engine. It was “The best ever” and “So cool”. What an amazing way to finish our learning!

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