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        Chinese New Year

        Author: Bluecoat Stamford

        Chinese New Year, In Reception Class we have been finding out all about Chinese New Year. We knew we had to do a good job in our research because Mrs Magan had asked us to do a special Chinese New Year Show and Tell for nursery. So we began by recalling all the things that we have learnt about other celebrations this year. Wrote a list then set about researching each element of ‘celebration’ in groups. We used the internet and books to help us find out about special food, special clothes, special customs, special decorations, special songs, dances and stories.

        Animal Race

        The Zodiac animal race story was a favourite thing of ours to learn about and we acted out with masks and actions and noises! We also practised our number recognition and ordering skills by playing lots of animal race games. We learnt about the tradition of Chinese lucky red envelopes and practised our number knowledge whilst filling them with coins.        

        Fortune Cookies

        The children were very interested in the traditions of lucky messages inside the fortune cookies and we  also learnt about the messages written on ribbons, tied on oranges, and thrown into wishing trees so we wrote lots ourselves. We have also been looking at Chinese writing and feeling very grateful that the letter formation that we are learning seems a bit easier to us. We had a go at writing Chinese numbers but letters and words were a bit of a challenge.


        We all made Chinese lanterns and had a go at folding Chinese fans and dragon puppets. We enjoyed listening to Chinese music and accompanying its pentatonic sound with various percussion instruments. Lots of fun was had copying the lion dance with our big lion head. We also enjoyed the puppet and the dragon dance with our various dragon puppets. A couple of us even had a go at making a Unicorn head for another special Chinese New Year dance.           The most fun tradition of all was Yusheng. We had a go at this after we had all tried eating noodles with chopsticks. It is the ‘The Prosperity Toss’ and we recommend that you try it as part of your Chinese new year celebrations. You can see this in action and listen to our special Chinese new Year song on facebook or tapestry.    

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