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        Bluecoat Stamford Burghley Rotary Stars

        Author: Bluecoat Stamford

        We were so proud to be able to celebrate with seven pupils who received a Stamford Burghley Rotary Star award in today’s assembly.

        What is a Rotary Star Award?

        A Rotary Star Award is a prize presented to children for acts of good citizenship. The prize is sponsored by Stamford Burghley Rotary Club who are great supporter of our school. As part Bluecoat’s STARS initiative, pupils are always being encouraged to think of others and to engage in ‘Acts of Kindness’.

        How were pupils chosen?

        Parents and members of staff were asked to write nominations for pupils of The Bluecoat school. The children deserved recognition for the acts of kindness they do, often every day. Pupils were recognised for their work caring for the environment.  Some do regular litter picks and encourage others to do the same  Some pupils were recognised for their work raising money for charity. Others go above and beyond to support a friend or relative in need.   We are all  proud of the pupils who received their award this term.  More awards will be presented in the spring so we look forward to recognising more pupils’ achievements soon.

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