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        Year 3 Bluecoat Stamford, Visit Corby Cube Theatre to watch Dinosaur World Live

        Author: Bluecoat Stamford

        Year three have just returned from the most amazing creative curriculum experience, watching The Dinosaur World Live at the Corby Cube Theatre. When we first arrived the children were a little apprehensive as we’d heard about the huge dinosaurs that would be on stage stage only a few metres away. The stage was set with misty green light and large crates with warning signs… Mirander, the main character, introduced us to some of her friends, the first being Jules the Segnosaurus.  Jules was a herbivore and a bit of a fussy eater, only wanting to much on the tallest of trees.  With some help from a member of the audience we managed to get her to eat. Orlando the micro raptor was next; we learned that he actually had two sets of wings! Bea the baby Triceratops was a favourite amongst the children as she looked so cute wrapped up in her blanket sound asleep.  We had to shout, “Wake up Bea, it’s Christmas!” but she kept falling back to sleep. At this point in the Dinosaur World Live show we were introduced to Tamara the baby T-Rex, who we also got to do a meat and great with during our lunch.  Luckily she wasn’t that hungry although she did try to steal someone’s lunch and rather enjoyed sniffing a Peperami. Tamara was really funny as she refused to walk on her lead or chase the ball. Suddenly the stage went dark, then lights began to flash and there was an almighty roar! It was Titan the T-Rex.  He was huge and the handlers had to be so careful to not let him near the audience. The end of the show came all too soon with the birth of the baby Giraffatitan who we didn’t think was going to hatch. The children loved this experience saying it was ‘awesome’, ‘epic’ and ‘amazing’. Follow-up work The puppetry was fascinating and the children would like to learn more in our creative curriculum lessons.

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