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        Year 1 Visit to Askers Bakery

        Author: Bluecoat Stamford

        Year 1 is learning about the ‘Great fire of London’ this term and to ‘spark’ our learning we visited a local, traditional bakery.

        On Wednesday, we walked into Stamford and on the way to the bakery we had a chance to look at the different buildings that our town has. We were able to say what materials have been used for the buildings and were really excited to see that ‘Walkers’ book shop has a wooden frame within its building; as it resembles what the houses would have been built from in London in 1666!

        After walking through narrow lanes and imagining how it would have been to live in London during 1666 we finally arrived at ‘Askers’ bakery. We could smell the freshly baked bread even before we got to the doorway. ‘It smells delicious’ said an excited Year 1 child.

        Inside, the bakery was very small, it had a large oven and the baker used a paddle to reach in to get the bread out. The bread was then placed on the ‘peal’ (a special table used in bakeries). We asked lots of interesting questions and the baker gave us some dough to take back to school. 

        When we returned to school, we couldn’t wait to become ‘bakers’! Before we made our bread we felt a small ball of dough and it was ‘cold, squishy and sticky’, we also smelled it and it smelled just like bread; even though it hadn’t been baked yet! 


        Finally we became ‘bakers’ and had great fun in making our bread creations, ranging from bread rolls to heart shaped bread.


        The bread was baked in the oven and we took them home to share.    

                                    The bread was delicious!


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