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        There are spiders in nursery!

        Author: Bluecoat Stamford

        There are Spiders in nursery!

         This term in nursery, we have been learning all about spiders! There was so much to learn. We learnt all about the different parts of the body. We now know that they have two bodies, eight legs and lots of eyes! Did you know some can have up to twelve eyes!    

        Creative spiders.

        To enable us to think creatively, we painted our own pictures. We looked at non-fiction books, observed the two body parts, counted the legs and then created our own! We used potato mashers to create different textures, then using paint brushes we then added eight legs, which also helped us learn to count up to eight too! Creating our own spiders with the play dough enabled us to mould and manipulate the play dough to help strengthen our fingers. We were able to select the resources we wanted, add eyes and legs and create our very own creations. The children really enjoyed making them them some had ten eyes and eight legs!


        Did you know that spiders also spin cocoons? The nursery children were so excited to learn that just like a caterpillar who spins a cocoon so does a spider! Although a spiders cocoon is to keep their babies safe on their sticky spider webs, (they don’t turn into butterflies like the caterpillars do!). In the nursery garden we went on a spider hunt! We looked in the bushes, trees, behind the sheds and under the tyres. We found some big and small spiders, and even some tiny spiderlings. They moved very fast when we tried to touch them, we think they were scared!   When the children came into nursery in the morning, the parents shared that they had told their families what we had been learning about. It was amazing to hear that the children were so interested in learning the facts. We think their favourite fact was their babies are called spiderlings!  

        We added lots of photos to our Facebook page during the week, why not head over and see them at

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