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        RAF Scampton – Year 5

        Author: Bluecoat Stamford

        On Tuesday 19th June, Year 5 had a fantastic trip to  the RAF Scampton Heritage Centre.  During the visit the children were able to handle artefacts from the trenches including a clock made from a propeller, a hat shaped box plus a ‘Death Penny’ and a box gifted to the troops from the Royal Family.   After that, Dave Wright (our tour guide) told us fascinating stories about the selfless acts committed by some troops. For example, Norman Jackson, who put out a fire on the wing of his plane with bare hands at 23,000 feet and travelling at 230 mph!  He was then shot by enemy aircraft before falling from the plane with a burning parachute, landing in a snow drift and survived!  During the afternoon we enjoyed at treasure hunt and designed a sweetheart brooch.  A fantastic day was had by all, and we learned lots too!
        Death Penny
        Red Arrows Pilot!

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