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        Pirates! ⚓️🗺

                  Ahoy me hearties! Reception Class have been learning about Pirates and we have learnt that they need our help because they never go to school so they can’t read or write or calculate! They do not have very good manners and we had to show them how to be fit and healthy!  

        Pirate Maths…

        Pirates are rubbish at Maths. So we have been helping them practise sharing their treasure and counting their loot carefully. We have taught them how to total it all out and helped them to work out how many gold coins they have left when the Crocodile took some away.  

        Boat Making 🚤

        We have enjoyed helping them choose materials that are good for raft making (waterproof and light) and we showed them ways to look after themselves and be healthy. We found out about maps and their uses and then we made our own map of a treasure island that we used to make up our own stories; ‘We’re going on a Treasure hunt’. We used our maps to orally tell a whole story to the rest of the class.  

        Telescope Writing ✍🏼

        We showed the Pirate whose job it was to man the ‘crow’s nest’ how to write the words he needed so that he could make a list of all the things that he could see with his telescope. There were some very funny objects floating in the sea that day!    

        Pirate Dress up Day!

        In Fact, we have been working so hard, recently, on our reading and writing that Ms. Kingman said that we could have a Pirate day at school. We were going to dress like Pirates and we would do No learning!!!!      

        Treasure Hunt 🗺

        It was a lot of fun dressing as Pirates that day. Unfortunately Pirate Ted got lost!!! Luckily he left us clues on a ‘hunt’ around the outdoor environment! Of course the Pirates can’t read so we had to read the clues for them. Even more luckily, we have been getting so good at reading captions. We followed all the clues until we found the last that told us where he was hidden! Our reading skills meant we rescued Pirate Ted! Phew!!!  

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