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        School Governors

        On behalf of the Governors of Bluecoat School, I am delighted to welcome you to our website.

        As you can see from the information elsewhere on this site, The Bluecoat School is a school that prides itself on its ability to support, guide and challenge our children, ensuring that they realise their full academic and social potential.

        We are delighted that reports from Ofsted, Her Majesty’s Inspector of Education and other external bodies strongly endorse the way our school is led and the plans we have to deliver even greater success in the future.

        We strive to ensure we are open and transparent in the way we lead our school. We welcome the views and involvement of everyone connected with our school.

        The Governing Body have a strong and positive involvement with the school. Together with Mrs Hines, our Headteacher, we have set high ambitions for our school and pupils. We are all working hard towards meeting these ambitions and are determined to achieve them.  The active support of our parents is central to the on-going success of our school and we are grateful that so many parents engage so positively with all aspects of school life.

        If you are a parent with children already at our school, I would like to thank you for your continued interest and support. If you are a parent considering sending your child to Bluecoat, I hope you agree we have a great deal to offer. If, having explored our website, you have any further questions, please do get in touch with me or Mrs Hines; we’ll be more than happy to talk you through the great things which are happening in school.

        Mark Kieran
        Chair of Governors


        The governing body meet at least four times during the school year to discharge its statutory duties.  Some items of businees are delegated to two committees.  One committee takes responsibility for Curriculum and Standards, the other for Finance, HR and Premises issues.

        Currently Mr Mark Kieran is Chair of Governors and Chair of the Finance Committee and Ms Jill Haigh is the Chair of the Curriculum and Standards Committee.  The committees meet as often as is necessary through the school year to carry out their business.

        Name of Governor

        Date Appointed Term of office Appointed by Pecuniary Interest Attendance record for 2017/18 (committees not included)

        Janet Mayling

         18/2/2018  4 years Governing Body  None

        100% (2/2)

        Mark Kieran

        31/8/2015 4 Years Governing Body  None

         75% (3/4)

        Linda Pattison

        31/8/2015 4 years Governing Body  None

        50% (2/4)

        Hayyan Bhabha

        1/2/2015 4 years Local Authority  None

        25% (1/4)

        Chris Barrett

        31/8/2015 4 years Governing Body  None

        100% (4/4)

        Jill Haigh

        31/8/2015 4 years Governing Body  None

         75% (3/4)

        Claire Hudson

        11/2/2015 4 years Staff  None

         100% (4/4)

        Kate Hodgson

         02/10/2017  4 years  Parents None

         100% (4/4)

        Laura Hudson-Luff

         1/7/2016 4 years Parents  None

        50% (2/4)

        Carol Hines 1/9/2012 Whilst in post as Headteacher  None

        100% (4/4)

        All governors can be contacted via the Clerk Mrs Sue Davys at the school


        My daughter enjoys attending nursery.  They do amazing work and she is having the best start to the beginning of her education journey.  A very big thank you to each and everyone of you for everything you are truly amazing.