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        Grand Day Out

        Author: Bluecoat Stamford

        Our trip to West Stow was amazing and thoroughly enjoyed by us all.   The children in Year 5 had a wonderful time at West Stow. We travelled down by coach for an exciting day out of learning. The reconstructed village allowed us to explore and enjoy life as an Anglo Saxon. Authentic experience: It was great to see how the Anglo -Saxons lived rather than rely on books and pictures. We enjoyed being able to touch everything and go inside huts which are sited in the very spot of the ancient village. We enjoyed ¬†looking at th thatched roofs and opening the wooden windows. We enjoyed the real smell of the open fire. It was amazing to see how the Anglo -Saxons lived. We learnt a lot and we found out how clever the Anglo Saxons were at making clothes and tools. Hands-on activities: The children really enjoyed trying on the clothing, especially the tunics and the metal helmet and were fascinated with the artefacts in the museum. ¬†They enjoyed putting white gloves on and touching bones and some children learnt how to say the days of the week in old English. The also really enjoyed seeing the animals in the farm section and we devoured our lovely picnic lunches next to statues with runes on them.   The children all thought it was a great day. Here are some of their lovely comments. Thomas loved the fact that they could touch the wooden and metal objects. Harvey H thought that the village was totally beautiful and was on the look out for the rampaging chickens! Leyla said she was delighted to see so many fascinating objects. Poppy loved the spotted pigs and was keen to see if they had the dark fur and pointy ears we had read about. Mathilda wa particularly interested in the bone combs and the clothing. Finally, with a little smile here, Attila found the information on the ancient poo intriguing and loved the fact that we can tell what the Anglo-Saxons ate by examining this particular item! Thankfully this item was behind glass and not hands-on!

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