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        Fantastic Armistice Concert

        Author: Bluecoat Stamford

        Bluecoat and the Royal British Legion Armistice Cantata

        On Thursday 4th October 2018, Year 5 went to the Corn Exchange to take part in the Armistice Cantata, organised by Fergus Black, Director of Music At All Saints’ Church . The concert was organised in collaboration with the Royal British Legion. The Concert was a celebration of one hundred years since the WWI Armistice. The Year 5 Bluecoat children performed on stage at the Corn Exchange  alongside approximately 200 children from different schools in and around Stamford. In school on Friday, we wrote a review of the concert as if we were Mrs Hines- who did in fact watch and enjoy the whole show from a crowded audience! The children in Year 5 all produced a fantastic concert review .  Here is what Billie, Year 5 , has written “Yesterday, Year 5 and some other schools sang their hearts out at the Corn Exchange and it was a run-away success. They were singing to celebrate 100 years since WWI. All of the money raised by people buying tickets was given to the Royal British Legion. The concert was very impressive and I am very proud of the Year 5 children. When I got there I got a seat near the front so I could see the Bluecoat School perform. The Corn Exchange, which is where the children sang, was very crowded. I am so proud of the children and when they were singing it made my heart lift. The whole performance was amazing -they sang so many songs and their voices were beautiful. I am really looking forward to the next concert they do.” As you can tell,  the children were very proud and described the concert as a triumph!  If you were in the audience we hope you enjoyed the spectacle  as much as we did and perhaps you even joined in the tricky tongue twister about Sister Suzy sewing shorts for soldiers? As part of this project, the children have not only learned the words to the songs but also learned all about the  peace parties organised at the end of the war. They were especially interested in finding out what food would have been eaten by children back then and we even had a go at learning some old-fashioned party games  on our playground. They loved looking at old photos of the peace parties too. I am sure  they all enjoyed the opportunity to share the songs from the war era with you.

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