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        Awesome Autumn In Reception!

        Author: Bluecoat Stamford

        In Reception class we have been finding out all about Awesome Autumn this term. We knew Autumn was coming so first we made a list of things we thought that we might find or see in Autumn. Then off we went on an Autumn walk looking carefully for clues that Autumn was here.

        Autumn Walk 🍁🍂

        Back in the classroom we made pictures with our Autumn collections. Using the camera on our ipads we took photos of our own artwork. The children enjoyed exploring all the natural objects that you can find in Autumn like beautiful red and yellow leaves and conkers and pinecones. We used them for printing and rubbings to explore different ways of making pictures and patterns. We then used them to copy and make repeating patterns and to compare and order size and weight. In our number work we have gone conker crazy! We can careful count them and add or subtract them or spot if there is one more or one less.


        We had lots of questions that we could not find answers to on our Autumn walk so we have used books and the internet also to find out about harvest time and animals that hibernate . We are still working on the question ‘how can we stop the rain?’ but we will keep you posted.

        Percy the Park Keeper 🌲

        With a little bit of help from Percy the Park keeper and all his friends, we were able to help Hattie the Hedgehog make hibernating homes for all her hibernating friends and we are enjoying our Percy’s shed role play area too.

        Pumpkin Soup 🎃

        We have been very helpful to the characters in the Helen Cooper story ‘Pumpkin Soup’. We were able to teach them and show them how to be friendlier and get along with each other. So they taught us how to make delicious warming Pumpkin soup which is good because Ms Kingman only knows how to make silly soups. Silly Soup helps us to hear the initial sounds in words. It helps us to recognise the sounds that we are learning but it doesn’t keep us warm.

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